Perfect Lay-Flat Knitted Diagonal Garter Washcloth

photo2016-10-28113107ameditThe last time I tried one of the standard diagonal garter knitted washcloths I liked the ease and results but there was an inherent flaw with the pattern. It was the kind where you increase into the second stitch of every row but that made the lower half of the diamond pull at the outer edges, something I didn’t notice until the upper half, which was the decrease edge, lay beautifully flat. I realized it was the fault of the increase itself – any increase which went into the prior row, including a standard ‘make 1’, would cause the same inward tugging.

I knew yarn-over increase patterns didn’t have that problem, but I didn’t want eyelets dotting the sides of my washcloth, so I decided to close them by knitting them through the back loop on each subsequent row. I also added a plain row at the width point before transitioning into the decreases. The result is a lovely garter washcloth which has wonderful drape and lays flat beautifully, and is now my go-to knit washcloth or dishcloth.

The yardage listed is for a dishcloth knit to 41 sts, which results (at my tension) in a 9” x 9” square. You can easily make them larger or smaller. If desired before binding off you can create a strip to fold over and sew down for a hanging loop by either knitting about 4” of garter on those 3 sts or knitting them into a 4” long 3-st i-cord.

This pattern would work equally well for baby blankets or throws.

If you’re curious, here’s the story of why I created my own pattern when there are already so many plain garter diagonal dish/washcloths already.

You can view the pattern’s Ravelry page here, or click ‘download now’ to get it directly.
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