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I’m about to enter into sweatshop knitting mode. There are approximately 19.5 hours to go from now to my kids’ daycare Christmas party, and I haven’t finished making the gifts for the teachers.

I scrapped the Fingerless mitts idea and am making a mug cozy for each of the 4 teachers and the daycare owner. I’ll then fill the mug with chocolates and a Tim Horton’s gift card.

The party is tomorrow and I’ve got 1 of 5 knit. Back to work….


Author: Jennifer Lori

maker, baker, cake decorator, mother, wife, partner, friend, gamer, reader, nerd, dork, geek, nail polish addict (not necessarily in order of importance)

One thought on “2010-12-20

  1. That is a great gift idea! I may have to “borrow” it for next year. 😉 If I start now, I may get them done before next Christmas. Other ideas I’ve had for teachers include facecloths made of cotton chenille with a nice bar of soap, and crochet market bags out of kitchen cotton. This year I did dishcloths and antibacterial soap (and I barely go them done before I needed to give them).


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