ok, so i’m just a wee bit pissed

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The astute among you might have noticed a lack of a certain something around here. What could it be? Text? Nope, got that. Links? Nah, got links a-plenty. Photos? Nope, I-


Where the hell are all my photos?

See, they were all uploaded to my old storage provider’s space. When I dropped the provider, I naturally assumed that since they were all uploaded with Blogger software, Blogger would have a cache or something and they’d revert to those copies.


I need to go back and re-upload 2 years’ worth of old photos. This will probably take me about as long, as I am severely resentful at having to do this. I don’t even know if I still HAVE all those photos.

So the old photos will take time. New ones coming up.

Coming soon: FO photos of Rebecca’s Samantha dress, my kid’s Moss Block sweater (of my own design), some crocheted dishcloths, and some WIP photos of everything else I’ve been working on. I might not have been here, but I sure have been busy!


Author: Jennifer Lori

maker, baker, cake decorator, mother, wife, partner, friend, gamer, reader, nerd, dork, geek, nail polish addict (not necessarily in order of importance)

One thought on “ok, so i’m just a wee bit pissed

  1. Wow, that really sucks! I can’t believe there’s not an easier way! 😦


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