Sock Progress

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Saturday night my family (sans Laura who was at camp) went up north for dinner at Yannick’s family’s house. We had a great time up there, and during some downtime I hung my sock yarn from a little pouch on my wrist and knit. I did the same thing last night while we watched Hoodwinked on DVD, and by the time I went to bed here is how the sock looked- all that is missing are the toes:Yannick had stayed up north after the dinner because he had some work to do with his parents on Sunday. I got a lift back home with my family, and since he wasn’t home I got some knitting in on the surprise bowling socks too:
I would have had a lot more done, because he originally told me he’d be home no earlier than 7pm. So I spent until 3 doing all kinds of errands, figuring I’d still have a good chunk of time to work on the socks that I can’t take out when he’s here. Instead he called me at 4:30 that he was on his way home. I didn’t know how far away he was, so I put them away so as not to be in the middle of a row when he got back. Turns out he only came to pick me up to go to my parents’ for dinner around 6:45pm, because he met with my parents first at the tux place to go over the details for the wedding.


Author: Jennifer Lori

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One thought on “Sock Progress

  1. Oh no, wasted sock knitting time! Well, it looks like you’re making great progress anyway. I can’t wait to see the pins develop on the bowling socks!


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