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In the spirit of honesty (if I can’t be honest in my online journal to an unknown number of random strangers, where CAN I be honest?) I’m showing you the one thing I hate about the hat. It seems I didn’t pay attention in knitting school on the day when they explained how to avoid a jog when you switch colors in the round. I must have skipped that day or been outside smoking or something. See, when you knit in the round it’s not like crochet where you can (if you want) have actual rounds that meet and end, then you go up and do the next row. In knitting you’re technically knitting an unending spiral. And this looks pretty fugly. My only hopes are that a) Laura or one of the girls buy a cute 2″ square patch that can be sewn over this mess (OCC maybe?), or b) that Mike just wears the hat with the brim turned up. All the time. Learning experience, it’s a learning experience. (To all the sticklers out there- please don’t berate me for not starting over if I wasn’t happy with it. Did I not mention the party is tomorrow night? Plus…I don’t know how to fix it yet. I have to GFGI* first).

*GFGI- Go F&^%ing Google It


Author: Jennifer Lori

maker, baker, cake decorator, mother, wife, partner, friend, gamer, reader, nerd, dork, geek, nail polish addict (not necessarily in order of importance)

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