If Only I Weren’t So Darn Creative

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I was rushing home last night for our big family get-together when I was struck with another design idea. I think I rushed through saying “hi” to my future in-laws so I could pull out my sketch pad and jot it down. Can’t share it here obviously (any design-stealers out there?) but man it won’t stop running through my head. I Googled every possible variation on what it could be called and didn’t find even one random scrap of a similarity out there, so if it works, and that’s a big IF ‘cus it’s a lot of work, I’ll be the first.

Had our big family supper. Tres exciting ‘cus it was the first time both immediate families have gotten together since Yannick and I have been dating. Considering how many siblings and offspring there are, I thought it would be nice if we all knew each others’ names before the engagement party. Didn’t want Uncle Whatshisface asking my sister “who’s that” and her not knowing it’s one of Yannick’s sister’s boys, or whatever. Or Tante Jenesaisquoi from Yannick’s side asking his brother-in-law “who that girl is” and he doesn’t know but it turns out to be my sister. At least this way everyone got to meet, great and eat. And eat. My mom believes in cooking for 40 even when we’re only 15. I think one of the desserts didn’t even get cut into. But everyone had a good time (I hope?!!).

Today is idea day. I worked on swatching the idea I mentioned last time. Hmm…still needs a name. Let’s call it Smoke (‘cus that’s the color I’m using and I’m too lazy to think of a more interesting name that doesn’t give anything away). So I was swatching Smoke and realized that the required needles make a fabric that’s too loose for what I want, at least at the point I was at. So I went down a needle size and started over. I’m only doing a 42 st wide swatch so starting over after 4 rows doesn’t waste too much time. I’ve done 9 rows so far on the smaller needles and it’s a bit stiff, but might suit my purposes.

I can’t stop thinking about idea # 2, the one I thought of last night. I mean I really can’t stop thinking about it. I even caved and bought the yarn. I tried my LYS but they didn’t have the right colors in stock, so I called knitpicks to see if my order from a few days ago had been shipped yet. It hadn’t, so I added some yarn in the colors I needed to my order and they said they’d ship it on Monday. I didn’t even realize they’d be open today but hey, lucky me. Still couldn’t stop thinking about it, and forgot to bring a book in for lunch time, so I ate my leftover salad and pickled brisket while sketching charts. I don’t even have a proper scale yet ‘cus I can’t figure out a gauge without the yarn, but I was still sketching. Approximate charts. I’m really thinking of abandonning Smoke in favor of idea # 2 once the yarn gets here, that’s how excited I am about it. It needs a name too, huh? Ok, idea # 2 is now…uh…Flat. Horrible name but at least I’ll remember what I was talking about. Smoke and Flat. Better than ideas # 1 and # 2, anyways.


Author: Jennifer Lori

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