Kick in the A$$

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I went to the knitting meetup last night with Robyn. So many knitters showed up! Yay. Good thing too, ‘cus when we first got there we were right about to sit down when the comfy couch-chairs became available. The 3 of us (Robyn, myself and Mary) got there and put our stuff down right as this solitary woman was about to set her coffee down. I explained that we’d be a rather large group and needed the space. She walked away, but I think I heard French expletives under her breath. We pushed the big chairs to the side and pulled in 2 of the round tables and about 6 more chairs to prepare for the group. We deliberately left one table and 2 chairs where the original grouping was so a couple could sit down. Sure enough, a few minutes later a man and woman come in, buy coffee and sit down at that table. Apparently it wasn’t enough room for them, as they put their coats down on the chairs that we’d moved over to form our large grouping. We asked them, quite politely I thought, to move their coats. I explained that we had a large group coming and needed the chairs. The guy started arguing with me about how we didn’t have a right to take over the whole place. I tried to explain that was why we’d left the other chairs and table, and he keeps going off about how he’s there every day so he has more of a right to the chairs that us knitters, who are only there every week. I don’t get it- they were only 2 people and he was arguing about not getting more than 2 chairs. They wound up moving to the wall not long after, and I was very happy that once the knitters started swarming in we not only filled the seats we’d put aside, but had to pull more over and around. Ha! See, we did need the chairs.

Had a great time knitting and chatting. I wore my new Homespun Jacket and got good reviews (even though I’m not so sure it looks that great on me). It IS wonderfully soft and squishy, which is why I spent the night (almost wrote knite there) knitting the matching hat. I’d met almost everyone there at least once before, but it was my first time meeting Kate. I got to touch the original Clapotis. I think I might have gushed a bit. I know I got Robyn to take a photo for me.

Clapotis- the first.

I stayed until 10-ish then stopped at Tim’s on the way home to grab a BLT on whole wheat ‘cus I hadn’t eaten since lunch. I wish they’d make something sugar free, or at least whole grain at Second Cup. EVERYTHING is so fattening there! I could have had a tea, but wasn’t in the mood, so I was stuck with a sugar-free vanilla soda.

I finished the matching hat when I got home then crashed before taking a pic. I’m still on paid meds before bed, and they knock me out fast (which is why I only take them before bed), so the pic will have to come tonight.

My original plan for tonight was to swatch for Klaralund, but now I’m thinking something else might come up first…which leads me to my subject line for today. I have so many designs that I sketch and so few that see the light of day. How many have I made? My Kosher sweater is still unfinished. (Ok, it only needs a row of ribbing at the bottom.) The Sweetheart Mittens were made (probably ‘cus they were a gift), and the hat will be made ‘cus it’s a gift. But none of my sweaters or other designs get even swatched. So last night before knitting I went online and ordered all of knitpick’s color cards. I really want to make my funky design…which needs a name. I’ll come up with a name so I can talk about it without giving anything away. I need the yarn for the nameless design, so once the color cards get here I’ll decide and get a move-on. In the meantime I was at the bank today for my dad and came up with a cute sketch for a sweater. I’m thinking I’ll start that one for myself. I have 10 hanks of Biggs ‘n Little (or whatever it’s called) in a nice gray color, and I’m going to swatch some up and see how it drapes. Then I’ll work on the design. It needs a name too. I’ll come up with something by my next post. 🙂


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